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SmartBoard Decking screws

Q-Deck Smartboard Colour Match Deck Screw - 63 x 4.5mm (200pcs)

Do not use any other type of screw or fixing to fit this decking.

  • Colour matched screws

Fitting Advice

  • Position screws at a minimum distance of 20mm from any edge of the board
  • The best screw position on the reeded face of SmartBoard is in the first trough
  • Where the edge or ends of boards meet a permanent structure it is advisable to maintain a 10mm gap for adequate drainage and ventilation
  • Don't apply too much force when using SmartBoard screws.  It is wise to be patient and let the drive tool and special pre-drilling screw do its thing!   For best results use a high quality 18v corldess impact driver.  These tools provide the most control when seating the head of the SmartBoard screws just belwo the surface of the board
  • When using a combi-drill, is a suitable torque setting can't be established then take care not to drive the screw too far below the surface of the board when in drill mode.  In this situation,  it is wise to stop short of the surface of the board and manually twist the chuck of the drill to acheive optimum screw depth, just below the surface of the board.